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"A Quail in the Family"
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The Origin and Spirit of SHADFEST -

In 1981, the Lambertville, New Jersey community organized the first "Shad Festival", conceived to celebrate the annual Spring return of the Shad running up the Delaware River, the local Lewis Island Shad fishery, and to share amongst ourselves and with visiting guests the talents of the many artists and craftspeople who had made Lambertville their home.

The Chamber distributed a common poster "slug" with basic information about the event, and locals turned these into unique posters-contributing their paintings, collages, drawings, and photographs.

Instead of a boring, uniform, single version ad, these unique works were displayed in the windows of local businesses, providing excitement, interest, and anticipation for several weeks before the actual event. Imagine the fun! Exploring the streets and shops of the town, seeking the poster of an artist you knew, and discovering that a friend or neighbor, or your local bartender, had also created a poster. At the end of the Festival the posters were gathered and auctioned, with the proceeds donated to support local students. (I've donated some of the photographs here to the Shadfest auction since 2014.)

Unfortunately, the practice has sputtered out in recent years although the artwork and benefit auction—the best part of ShadFest—still remain.

Note that Photographs purchased here DO NOT CONTAIN THE WATERMARK seen on this web site.

I hope you enjoy my photographs! Please contact me if you have any questions.

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